Build an Online Presence for your Sports Club

Strike provides all the necessary tools for your sports club to boost its digital presence while strengthening your brand and team spirit. Let your members create and share unique club-specific cards with each other and watch as your community grows.

Why Strike?

Share memories and boost sportsmanship

Strike offers your club members the opportunity to create, share, and save joyful memories in the form of unique sports cards created with the colors and emblems of your club and team – a digital book of souvenirs that helps boost your team spirit.

Attract sponsorships

Offer potential sponsors mutually beneficial exposure through a dedicated space on your club sports cards.

Strengthen your social media presence

Employ Strike in your digital marketing efforts and let users share their unique club cards on social media to get the conversation started.

Sports card creator

Customize your cards with our Sports Card Creator

Gain more creative control with Sports Card Creator.
Choose between various styles, upload your logo and team colors, and create trading cards modelled after your unique needs.

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What our Customers say About Us

“Strike is a great app where players can save and share our digital sports card smoothly directly on their smartphone!”
– Michael Kender, Board member
 Hammarby Hockey
“Strike creates joy and passion for young sport athletes. They can easily share their sports memories with our branded Puma Sports Card!”
– Rutger Hagstad, Head of Marketing,
“Skuru IK uses Strike to present players before games, younger players think it's fun to create their own sports cards to save and share!”
– Daniela De Jong, Player in Skuru Handball and the Swedish National Team

Global reach with Strike

No matter the sport, no matter the country, Strike welcomes you into our digital world of sports.

Attract sponsorships for your club

Attracting sponsors for your club can be quite challenging without the right digital presence. Strike allows you to offer prospective and already existing sponsors space on your unique sports cards, leading to mutually beneficial exposure for all parties.

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Don’t be a stranger

Strike is dependent on the community for which it was created. We're always looking to improve our services, and are more than open to help you create fully customized trading cards that fulfill your unique needs. For any questions, suggestions or wishes, fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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