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Why should Clubs, Cups and Camps use Strike Trading Cards?

Strike Trading Cards is a global community where all athletes collect and share their sports journey with friends and families.

Strike is a app where players can save clubs, cups and camps unique sports cards right in your pocket, show you sport progress, and become a part of the pro sports card community. By adding a fun and non-performance based digital element to sports, we can encourage kids to stay active longer within their sports.

Is there any economical winning for Clubs, Cups and Camps to create their own sports cards on Strike Trading Cards?


You can sell advertise spots on your yearly unique sports card, the spread of your sportscard on social medias gives you better negotiation possibilities against your sponsors. 

Who is welcome to Strike community? 

All sports and athletes are welcome!

Clubs, Cups, Camps, Federations and Individual sports are welcome to join Strike Trading Cards.

How can Clubs, Cups or Camps make a template for their unique Sports Card?

Strike has a unique online Strike Sports Card Creator where you can design your own template for a sports card, when your template are approved by the Strike team it will be implemented into the app and your players can start to create, save and share sport memories.

Is Strike Trading Cards available for both iOS and Android?

Yes, it is available for both iOS and Android (här kanske man skall ha QR koderna)

Is there any costs?

The App if free to download with buy within the app.

There is a cost to create a Template for your Club, Cup or Camp sports card in Strike Card Creator, you will find all information at the Sport Card Creator.

Is there any cost to make a sports card with sponsor?

Yes, you can not make a Club, Cup or Camp sports card with a sponsor in our Sports Card Creator, Send us an email and our team will help you contact@striketradingcards.com

Do i need an account to be able to create, save and share my sports cards?

You can save up to 5 sports cards in the album, do you want to save more than 5 sports cards you need to login, you don't need to create a profile, just a login with email and password.

Should companies advertise with Sports Cards?

Strike is a great platform to advertise with your unique branded sports card, athletes share your unique sports cards between players and also on digital medias.
Companies can also sponsor a club or association sportscard with their logo, to advertise on a Club, Cup or Camp card please contact us and we will help you to reach a club that will suit your brand.

Need help with creating your sportscard?

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