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Strike Trading Cards is your go-to app for creating, saving, and sharing your unique sports moments. Download the app to join a worldwide community of sports enthusiasts and start creating.

A Unique Digital Venue for Sports Enthusiasts All Over the World

Strike is an unparalleled digital venue where athletes and sports enthusiasts can create, save, and eternalize sporting events with the help of club-specific sports cards. With Strike, you get the opportunity to:

Design unique sports cards
Trade cards with friends and family from the comfort of your phone
Build a digital library of your sports memorabilia

How it works

Customize your cards with our Sports Card Creator

Gain more creative control with Sports Card Creator. Choose between various styles, upload your logo and team colors, and create trading cards modelled after your unique needs.

Create Sports Card

Now your card is ready to use in the app

Create your profile

Download the app and set up a profile

Select your sports card

Pick your favorite club and choose between a range of designs to create your card

Choose an image

Take or upload your image and add your personal information

Save and share sports card

Save your sports cards in the app as a memory and share with your friends

Some of our Sports Cards

Global reach with Strike

No matter the sport, no matter the country, Strike welcomes you into our digital world of sports.

Don’t be a stranger

Strike is dependent on the community for which it was created. We're always looking to improve our services, and are more than open to help you create fully customized trading cards that fulfill your unique needs. For any questions, suggestions or wishes, fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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